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Bioeconomy Region

Project partners

Together we develop the bioeconomy!

In the Interreg project «The Bioeconomy Region» we have gathered a number of business partners in the areas of companies of all sizes and academia in Inner Scandinavia who want to provide active assistance in supporting the development of the bioeconomy in the region.


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Main partners in The Bioeconomy Region:


Innlandet fylkeskommune


Innlandet består av tidligere Hedmark og Oppland og ble etablert 1, januar 2020. Fylket har landets største fjell, lengste elv og største innsjø. Fylket har større areal enn Danmark, og er det eneste fylket uten kystlinje. Innlandet är Norges største skogfylke med 40 % av avvirkningen fra de norske skogene.


Paper Province


Paper Province is a world-leading business cluster in forest-based bioeconomy. The cluster is owned and operated by  more than 100 member companies. Based in Karlstad, Sweden, they operate in the area of Värmland and its environs. By working together for sustainable development and striving for the global goals of Agenda 2030, they make a decisive contribution to society


Region Dalarna


The Dalarna Region in Sweden is responsible for regional health care, dental care, public transport, assistive technology and works with education, research, public health and culture, as well as development issues in infrastructure, business, labor market and the environment.


Region Värmland


Region Värmland is responsible for regional development efforts in areas such as health care, dental care, public transport, infrastructure, business, labor market, gender equality, skills provision and culture.


Säffle kommun


Säffle Municipality is located in Värmland and is Sweden’s youngest city. Here you will find a rich association with almost 200 active associations and an active business community with both large multinational companies and small and medium-sized companies in different industries


 Viken fylkeskommun


Viken fylkeskommune består av de tidligere er fylkene Akershus, Buskerud og Østfold, samt noen omliggende kommuner. Til sammen har Viken 1,2 millioner innbyggere – nær en fjerdedel av Norges befolkning. I Viken finner du flere av landets største og viktigste bedrifter. Næringslivet i Viken er mangfoldig og nyskapende. Flere av bedriftene leder an internasjonalt i det grønne skiftet.

Project partners in «The Bioeconomy Region»:


Aspervall Instrument


Aspervall Instrument works in the process, control and regulation industry. We offer solutions that include everything from production planning to the delivery of precision parts, functions and sub-systems. We want to be the first choice when you are looking for a partner in the field of precision processing and assembly.

Bäckebrons sågverk
Bäckebrons sågverk is a small, flexible sawmill that saws small-dimension timber with a top diameter from 10 cm up to 22 cm. Our production can be easily customised, we can saw small batches and batches with special dimensions, we can plane and trim according to the customer’s preferences and we use residual products to manufacture pellets.
CS Produktion
CS Produktion’s speciality is bed milling and internal turning, which requires longer processing and higher tolerances with a very accurate process – internal processing of 5 metres – longitudinal processing of beams up to 12 metres. Our machinery is suitable for large projects and production runs, and also for small batches.
Norwegian Packaging Association

(Den norske emballasjeforening)

The Norwegian Packaging Association is an interest organisation for producers/suppliers and users of packaging solutions and packaging, as well as other stakeholders. The association is aimed towards all companies that use packaging in their operations and realise that the challenges faced by the industry can be best resolved together.
Gausdal Bruvoll
Gausdal Bruvoll manufactures all traditional wood products made of spruce. We focus strongly on processing and have the most modern, flexible surface treatment factory in the Nordic region for outer panels. Gausdal Bruvoll has a large network of resellers that cover large parts of Norway.
i4plastics consists of 17 small and large companies as well as competence-based actors in the field of plastic processing and production. The companies are located mainly in the county of Innlandet in Norway. The project focuses primarily on materials technology in general and plastic materials. Many of the companies in i4plastics currently have strong positions in a number of global niche markets, based primarily on their leading-edge competence in the field of plastic-related materials and manufacturing processes.
Campus Ås
Innovasjonssenter Campus Ås AS is a joint venture to create innovations and commercialisation from research in affiliated organisations and in collaboration with industry and the public sector. The purpose of the centre is to contribute to the establishment of new business activities and to enhance and develop existing businesses.
Karlstads Energi
The business concept of Karlstads Energi is to be a close, engaged supplier of energy and sanitation to private customers and companies in the Karlstad region, while at the same time being a safe, environment friendly business partner. We sell heating to more than 5,000 customers and electricity to around 40,000 customers. We have our own production of both heating and electricity. Electricity and heating are produced in our biofuel-fired cogeneration plant at Heden and we also take electricity from the Lake Vänern Wind Farm.
Karlstad university
Karlstad University has a goal, in partnership with Paper Province and Vinnova, to create an internationally attractive innovation environment for the forest-based bioeconomy – research, development and commercialisation of new products and services from the forestry industry. The project also aims to increase efficiency in the base industry and the Värmland innovation system. Karlstad University is participating with researchers from the Faculty of Health, Science and technology and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
Kjeller Innovation
Kjeller Innovation is an international actor. We have close links with the research and education environment at Ås and a number of other groups of researchers in Norway. Kjeller Innovation strives to create value from research. We lead the innovation process from concept to a competetive company. We have extensive experience of project funding and strategies for business and intellectual property. We have set up an incubator at Kjeller and one at Ås. We support entrepreneurs in the early stages of developing a company and serve as a driving force all the way until a product reaches the market.
Kvinner i Skogsbruket

An independent organisation to motivate and stimulate women of all ages to participate and engage at all levels in the forestry sector. The  membership organisation is open to anyone with an interest in forestry, but is especially aimed at women. The organisation operates all over Norway.
Magnor Næringshage 
Magnor Næringshage is an incubator for companies for growth, collaboration and development. Development oriented companies have access to premises, expertise, networks and a professional, social context. Næringshagene creates value for companies, local communities and the regional economy.
Moelven Edanesågen 
Moelven Edanesågen AB, with a business in Edane to the south of Arvika, is a combined sawmill and planing mill that manufactures construction timber, external panels and pressure-impregnated wood products. Edanesågen also has extensive production of MDF mouldings.
Moelven Notnäs 
Moelven Notnäs produces sawn wood products in Torsby, Sweden. In total, 190,000 cubic metres of wood products are produced from spruce and pine. The sawmill is fitted with a reducer line, band saws, chambers and progressive kilns with drying down to 10% (± 2%). The company exports 65%, with the rest being sold on the Scandinavian market.
The Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) researches and delivers knowledge about food and plant production, the environment, climate-friendly agriculture, maps, land utilisation, genetic resources, forests, resource management and agricultural economics. Through research and the sharing of knowledge, the Institute contributes to food safety, sustainable resource management, innovation and development that creates value in the food, forestry and other bio-based industries. The goal of NIBIO is to be a leader in the development of knowledge of the bioeconomy.
The Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU) is an independent social science research institute. Our core competence is in research, development, the production of statistics and the development of indicators. The Institute offers research and knowledge to customers in the public and private sectors, both nationally and internationally. NIFU has a national responsibility for the production, analysis and dissemination of statistics and indicators for the general Norwegian research and development system.
Norwegian Fashion Hub 
“Norwegian Fashion Hub is a driving force for building expertise and stimulating the development of the Norwegian fashion industry. The overall goal is to contribute towards a sustainable, value-creating and recognized fashion and textile industry in Norway.”
Norwegian Forest
Owners’ Federation 
The Norwegian Forest Owners’ Federation is a central federation with around 35,000 forest owners in the whole of Norway. All in all, we account for 80 per cent of forest production in Norway and hold significant shares as owners in the Norwegian and international forestry industry. Our main tasks are business policy, social contact and political lobbying. We strive to achieve greater value creation, to protect property rights and to gain acceptance for the long-term, economic management of nature.
NTNU Gjøvik 
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is an internationally focused university with its head office in Trondheim and campuses in Ålesund and Gjøvik. NTNU has a main profile that is technical and scientific, a number of vocational courses and a broad range of academic subjects, including arts, social sciences, economics, medicine, health sciences, education, architecture, entrepreneurship, art and artistic activities.
Nyqvist Skog
Nyqvist Skog is a complete forestry company in the field of wood trading, felling and comprehensive forest conservation – thinning, final felling, wood trading, forest conservation and management.
OREEC (Oslo Renewable Energy and Environment Cluster) is a network of companies, research, education and public actors in the field of renewable energy and the environment in the Oslo region. OREEC aims to increase the rate of innovation, improve business opportunities and increase value creation for members of the network. OREEC is organised as a separate department of the Lillestrøm Knowledge Centre.
Pan Innovasjon
Pan Innovasjon is an incubator for green business development. We are affiliated to Siva and support entrepreneurs and companies to develop their concepts through implementation, financing and commercialisation. We work with innovations in the field of recycling and the circular economy, forestry- and timber-based business, agriculture, environmental protection, renewable energy and green services.
Projektengagemang are consultants in the areas of civil engineering and industry. Whether it’s a one-stop solution or a few hours of advice that are needed, we have all the competences inhouse. There are architects, engineers and specialists working here who identify opportunities, produce visions and deal with challenges. Together we create value for our customers – and for society at large.
Propia are specialists in process management, change management and business development. We make sure that the right things are done in the right order and in the right way to create sustainable results. By collaborating with academia, we have a scientific basis for the way we work and know how we must develop to face the future. Our clients are offered active participation in Propria’s research and development projects.
SINTEF is one of Europe’s biggest independent research institutes. We carry out thousands of assignments every year for big and small customers. We are a broadbased, multidisciplinary research institute with internationally leading expertise in the fields of technology, science and social sciences. We conduct research as an R&D partner for companies and management teams, and are one of the biggest research institutes in Europe. Our vision is technology for a better society.
Termowood supplies innovative patented building components that combine the best of cross-laminated and solid timber in a product that is competitive in terms of price, strength, construction time and the environment. The building components enable a more efficient construction method that is designed to suit most kinds of buildings and can be combined with other kinds of material.
Timmer Logistik Väst
Every year, Timmer Logistik Väst transports around 1,250,000 cubic metres FUB (fixed under bark) in Western Värmland, Dalsland and Bohuslän. All of this timber has to be distributed among a large number of recipients in the region’s sawmills and pulp and paper mills. We are an efficient, resource-intensive transport infrastructure that can handle the whole chain from felling in the forest to industry.
Trebruk AS is working to promote the increased use of wood in the region around the Oslo Fjord – Østfold, Akershus, Oslo, Vestfold, Buskerud and Telemark. Wood as a bearing structure in major projects brings significant environmental benefits and has tremendous value-adding potential. Within the framework of Trebruk, we want to increase competence of the benefits of wood among architects, consultants, property developers, builders and subcontractors in order to change practices in the construction of bigger buildings and installations.
Treklyngen is a subsidiary of the Viken Skog Group and works with plans for the production of advanced bioenergy products, such as cellulose processes for raw materials for industry and other projects. We want to create value from the whole tree. Wood is the material of the future. Research and development means that wood can be converted into bio-energy, construction materials, paper/cardboard, chemicals and bioplastics, aromatic substances, pharmaceuticals, hygiene products, textiles and reducing agents in the concrete and metal industries.
Tretorget AS is a consultancy firm that manages development projects that provide measurable results that are anchored in customer strategies and needs. We strive to promote innovation and results, and help to make business development work more efficient.
Campus Ås
Campus Ås is located within the Vitenparken university area – a centre of science and competence where technology, food and research come together. Vitenparken is an arena that highlights green value creation, helps to release green knowledge and demonstrates research for the benefit of society through creative and innovative communication, art, culture and expertise in teaching.
VVDS is the oldest forest owners’ association in Sweden that has retained its name. The association was founded back in 1931. We help you with anything from forestry planning and ground preparation to clearance and final felling. We serve as your local contact and can take care of the management of your forest property. We have knowledge and experience.
Öbergs are specialists and distributors in the areas of pneumatics, valves, linear technology and assembly. We help anyone who needs to develop production equipment.
Østfoldforskning is a national research institute with a vision of contributing to knowledge for sustainable social development through innovation. We are Norway’s most prominent professional environment for life cycle analyses (LCA) for the analysis of the environmental and resource-efficiency of products and services.