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Bioeconomy Region

Our vision

"The leading region of the forest bioeconomy - for a more sustainable future for our planet"

The Bioeconomy Region is already a leading region of the forest bioeconomy. But our dreams are bigger than that. We want to see our region grow and become even more competetive. We want many more to get involved in driving developments forward. And we want to be an even stronger region where businesses and jobs flourish with the force of nature. We also have ambitions to reach out to the rest of the world and to inspire and guide others to do the same thing.


Why? Well, because when there are more of us and we become bigger and stronger, the bioeconomy grows, which benefits both our residents and businesses in the region. It also means that climate emissions fall and that a bigger part of the Earth’s resource utilisation becomes more sustainable. And that benefits not only us, but the entire planet.


Do you want to be involved in contributing to better business and a more sustainable future? Feel free to contact us so we can grow together!