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Bioeconomy Region


What is the bioeconomy?

Large parts of our society are based on goods and services from fossil raw materials, such as oil. Raw materials that are in limited supply on Earth and that also result in a high climate impact.


The bioeconomy is about using renewable materials from the forest, the ground and the sea. For example, using the forest, crops and microorganisms to produce climate-smart solutions in the areas of food, material and energy. This creates a sustainable cycle and also reduces our impact on the climate.


In the Bioeconomy Region we have made a lot of progress in the development of the forest-based bioeconomy. This means that we are innovative when using the forest as a raw material and then processing it to create products such as paper, packaging, fuel, furniture and houses. As well as services and processes. Because did you know that everything we’re doing now with oil can be done just as well using wood? And much more besides. Textiles, beauty products and biodegradable plastic are just some of the things on the market at present with wood as a raw material. And there are still so many innovations out there just waiting to be discovered. Dare you imagine what might be just around the corner?!


To learn more about the bioeconomy and everything to do with wood as a raw material, why not take a look at these short films from some of our business partners. Plenty of inspiration guaranteed!



A film from the EU about bioeconomy (in English):


Films from Skogsindustrierna (in Swedish):