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Bioeconomy Region

Test beds

Test beds within the region

In the Bioeconomy Region you will find about 50 test beds where you can test your innovations. Here on the map we have pinned out about 20 of the test beds available in our region.


Being able to test your green innovation in a safe environment is an important step towards a more sustainable business and a more sustainable future. Test beds is an environment where you can test new ideas practically already during the development phase. For example, to try and demonstrate new processes and solutions or produce prototypes. This makes the test beds an important bridge between research and commercialization. In short, a good opportunity to refine today’s ideas into tomorrow’s sustainable products and scale up the innovation speed.


Click on a needle to read more about a specific test bed, the company and to find their web address. If you want help finding a test bed that suits you, you can click on the button below.