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The Interreg project

In the Bioeconomy Region, we are at the forefront of the forest bioeconomy. But to achieve the defined climate goals while making use of the full potential of the forest bioeconomy, the rate of development and innovation needs to be faster. This is why the Interreg project «The Bioeconomy Region» was created in 2017 by a number of actors in inner Scandinavia (see below).


Over three years, the intention is that the project will stimulate new, wood-based innovations and support small and medium-sized companies to increase their market and their international competitiveness in the forest bioeconomy. To achieve this, the project is implementing initiatives throughout the whole value chain, from direct support measures and training initiatives to linking together different stakeholders and creating new meeting places in the region.


About the project «The Bioeconomy Region»

Activity area:Small and medium-sized companies
Swedish project owner:Region Värmland
Norwegian project owner:Viken County Municipality
Other project participants:Region Dalarna, Säffle Municipality, Paper Province and Innlandet County Municipality.
Project partners:In total, 41 different partners in Sweden and Norway are involved in the project.
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EU funding:€ 1 239 563
Governmental IR funds:€ 680 000
Total budget:€ 4 424 877
Project period:15 May 2017 – 15 May 2020



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