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Cookies and personal data

In Accordance with the Swedish Electric Communications Act, we must inform you that Region Värmland’s website for the project entitled «The Bioeconomy Region» uses cookies.  We use two different kinds of cookies – permanent and temporary cookies. The temporary ones are used by our web publishing system to maintain communication between your web browser and our web server. These disappear when you close your browser. The permanent ones do not disappear when you close your browser, but are saved on your computer.


We use permanent cookies to differentiate your browser from all other browsers using this website. This is used for web statistics (Google Analytics) that are used on this website. This cookie is used for web analysis and contains no personal information. Our website also uses cookies from Facebook and Twitter.


What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the visitor’s computer, i.e. your computer. There are two different kinds of cookies: temporary and permanent. Those stored on your computer are used, for example, to show you what is new on a website since you were last there. The cookie has the date of your last visit.


It is important to understand that a cookie cannot be used to destroy or in any other way damage a visitor’s computer. Nor is it possible for other websites to read any cookies other than their own.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
We observe the General Data Protection Regulation with regard to how we process your personal data that comes into our possession by such means as through our application forms.


The processing of personal data means the collection, registration, storages, processing, transmission, use, disclosure, dissemination, compilation or merging of personal data. The law is there to protect your privacy.


Find out more about the General Data Protection Regulation on the Swedish Data Protection Authority’s website