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Innovation support - the fast way into the market

Does the step from idea to business feel large and complicated to take? It doesn’t have to. We can help and guide you to the next step and give your idea the support it needs in order to fly.


Innovations are the key to a society without fossil raw materials. Through our project partner Paper Province, we can act as a guide and give you support in the innovation process, as well as finding financial help.


All cases are different and therefore we always start by having a discussion led by Paper Province. Contact us via the form below and we will help you see if this is the right way for you. Your idea is handled with confidentiality throughout the process and we will not take any steps towards the market without your full approval.

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Do you think this is right for you? Contact us and we will find out.

Fill in your contact information in the form below, and Paper Province will contact you for an unconditional call.

Your information goes directly to Paper Province, who handles your information with confidentiality. They will only save your personal data if it is relevant for a potential cooperation and will not disclose your information on to anyone.