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International Standards Summit, Oslo – 2020

Konferens 2020-06-08

BuildingSMART International is pleased to announce that the first working Summit of 2020 will be held in Oslo, Norway June 8 – 11.


The content will include the development of open digital standards for improving the design, build and management of assets in the built environment.


BuildingSMART Norway Annual Conference and Dinner (bSNK20) will be held in parallel with the buildingSMART International Standards Summit. Norwegian experts in technology and digitization will meet to discuss openBIM and digitalization in the building and construction industry. The focus will be on “how to implement openBIM (and other digital solutions) in practice?” The keynotes from the Norwegian building and construction industry will share their experiences with openBIM implementation and they will underline the challenges they have encountered.


The agenda will be structured around the buildingSMART domains; Building, Rail, Infrastructure, Product, Airport, Regulation and Construction. It will also include an exciting plenary session and a new side program called “openBIM Technology Day”.

Explore the various ways you can attend the summit below:

Day 1: Opening Plenary
Day 1: Welcome Dinner
Day 2: bS Norway Annual Conference
Day 2: bS Norway Annual Dinner
Day 3: openBIM Technology Day
Days 1 – 3: Opening Plenary and Working Session
Day 4: Closing Plenary



June 8 – 11

More information to be found via the link below: