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Nordic Bioplastic Conference 2022

Konferanse 2022-04-26

Discover the newest innovations in biobased and biodegradable plastics at the Nordic Bioplastic Conference 2022 on April 26th in Copenhagen. The event provides a comprehensive program and a chance to discover the possibilities within this diverse group of materials.


Some of the speakers

  • Rasmus Grusgaard, Plastindustrien
  • Hasso Von Pogrell, European Bioplastics
  • Michael Carus, Nova Institute
  • Gunilla Laakso, Walki
  • Afsaneh Nabifar, BASF
  • Erwin Vink, Natureworks
  • Mari Saario, Sulapac
  • Ellna Hallgård, Orkla
  • Gustav Nyström, Empa
  • Sophie Tuviahu, UBQ
  • Klas Briland, BASF
  • Martin Ekenbark, H&M
  • Åsa Stenamark, Naturvårdsverket
  • Lea Wermelin, The minister of Environment


The conference will be held at Industriens Hus in Copenhagen. Participants will also have the opportunity to network with industry professionals and policy makers.